Gilard Electronics has been a leading provider of the best in industry electroplating solutions, through our advanced tools and specialized practices perfected over an extensive period of time. Striving to offer accurate and error free services on time, we constantly improve our processes and keep our workforce updated, thus making them capable of understanding client needs and delivering top quality results.

Electrical components, automotive parts, medical equipments and other industries make use of electroplating technique to enhance the functionality and feasibility of their processes. Common reasons why electroplating is done include:

  • For enhancing appearance
  • For reducing friction
  • For forming protective barrier
  • For resisting heat
  • For increasing thickness
  • For preventing tarnishing

Along with improving the appearance of parts, electroplating also contributes in enhancing their durability and strength. We have a specialized plating setup at our in-house facility, making it easier for us to offer different finishes and plate various metals like gold, silver, nickel, copper, zinc and tin, with great efficiency. We also adopt a stringent monitoring system for carefully analyzing the plating thickness and consistency to ensure desired quality of end products, which are delivered to our clients only after conducting and clearing all the quality tests successfully.