Once the design has been validated and approved by the supervising team, it leads to the development phase that is fairly important to ensure quality and consistency in the end product. Development stage involves loading the designs into Tool Room from CAD and manufacturing tools which will allow us to create the desired product. Making use of advanced machines, such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Milling, CNC Wire Cut and EDM (Electric Discharge Machine), we transform materials such as MS, EN31, HDS (Hot Die Steel) and HCHCr (High Carbon High Chromium) Steel, into moulds and tools which are later used for moulding and stamping purposes respectively. This process of tool manufacturing is further facilitated with GANTT charts, as well as tool-tracking softer developed in-house, allowing us to create stamping tools and moulds right in the first attempt.

Our fully equipped Tool Room is capable of manufacturing thermoset compression, injection moulds and thermoplastic injection moulds of various materials, such as PP, PA 66, PA 6, POM, ABS and Bakelite (Compression). Manufactured for processing materials such as Brass, Copper, Phosphorus Bronze, Beryllium Copper and Mild Steel, our progressive stamping tools can work independently without an operator and even function in auto-pilot mode.

Making injection moulds, adopting appropriate press tools and using the best testing equipment are some of the steps to be completed at this stage. Considering the importance of this stage, proper attention is paid to each and every detail. Irrespective of how simple or complex any part is we adopt same level of diligence in every project. We also make use of the latest CAD/CAM tools to ensure that the machines are provided with right input, in order to get accurate results.

Gilard Electronics is a name committed to deliver the best in class services to its clients. To ensure utmost satisfaction of our valued clients, we strive to proceed meticulously and assure quality and consistency throughout the process. We understand the complexities that usually arise during the manufacturing process, thus we focus on developing appropriate solutions in advance to ensure a smooth production process and deliver timely services.