At Gilard Electronics, we adopt a streamlined process to ensure utmost satisfaction of our clients and deliver products aptly matched to their needs. Designing is the first phase that ensures the desired quality of end product. Product and Process Design are the main points of focus at this stage, as we emphasize on crucial aspects like CAD/CAM.
The process of turning client’s idea into reality, initially starts with a drawing, sample or a concept. Innovation and technical skills go hand in hand while creating an initial design of any part. Using the most advanced tools, like FMEA, QFD, we are able to give our clients an isometric design of a particular part, prior to beginning its production.

Using rapid prototyping we also create prototypes, allowing the customer to view and get a feel of the actual product. It also lets us visualize the end product, thus enabling us to select the most suitable material, capable of offering required performance and tolerance. Designing phase is also important because of the flexibility it offers, when it comes to modifying or improving the design. In case the part has any discrepancy in terms of size, shape or dimensions, then rectifying such mistake in the designing phase helps to avoid wastage of resources by eliminating unnecessary corrections. Being proactive during this phase can also help to discover any challenges that might arise in production phase. It gives our team enough time to adopt best practices and new methods to counter such challenges and ensure uninterrupted production.