Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of the industry to take care of how it is contributing towards the welfare of the society and how the cooperative world is contributing to protect the beautiful blue planet to make the planet more desirable for us and for our future generations.

CSR activities help a lot to get sustainable profits and also helps in sustainable development of the society. These activities should not harm the environment in any way and should help in improving the quality of the environment in its unique way. Gilard Electronics organizes activities for the protection and development of the society from time to time. These are non-profit activities which are done for the welfare of the society and to create awareness.

Gilard considers Environment Protection as our top most agenda of CSR. Starting from our own actions we own responsibility for and ensure our processes do not contribute to environment pollution. Gilard’s management has always had a clear vision with regard to its internal CSR which is educating our strength of approx. 400 employees and their families to make them environment conscious. Besides this although the company is not covered under the CSR Bill we consider it to be our Corporate Social Responsibility to make efforts towards bringing a change in our immediate society. We believe that imparting knowledge and changing the cultural habits of people would help in controlling degeneration of the environment. We are pleased that a Clean India Campaign has been taken at national level. Our Team EHSAS is dedicated to this cause since 2011.


CSR Activities Undertaken in Gilard

Team EHSAS plays a dual role of internal as well as external CSR. Its objective “to generate awareness and sensitize 400+ employees of Gilard and their families on the need for Environment protection” that helps in internal CSR and its various activities which stretch beyond this, contribute to Gilard’s external CSR.

Some social objectives undertaken by Team EHSAS are:-

 Activities held in 2018:-
Activities undertaken to sensitize masses on “Say No To Plastic”:-



 Activities held in 2017:-



 Activities held in 2016:-



Activities held in 2015:-