Producing more than 500 assemblies for electronic and automotive industries, our all-women assembly department constitutes 55% of entire workforce. Products manufactured in production department are sent to Assembly where they are given a final shape. Our assembly employees fully understand and incorporate the single flow concept. Client specific lines are backed up by flexible lines, having quick changeover capabilities. Our Assembly department has mass produced several successful assemblies in past years, which also include:

  • Pick up assembly for light weight vehicles
  • NLS connector
  • Bosch Micro Switch for diesel fuel pumps
  • Connector cable for diesel fuel pumps
  • Wiper motor cover sub assembly
  • Switch assembly control
  • Pick up assembly

High efficiency, accuracy and reliability are some other favorable features, which make our wire assemblies a preferred choice among our clients. Wire assemblies are generally produced for light to heavy vehicles as well as various electronic devices, assuring best performance and durability. At Gilard Electronics, we keep ourselves updated with the technological advancements and changing requirements of the industry, which enables us to deliver services at par with international standards, in terms of quality and performance. This is the reason why our products are so popular and preferred by our clients in various countries. Adopting a practical approach, we are also capable of customizing our products to make them adaptable to any specific application or requirement.