Development Keeps Us Moving... Systems keep us consistent... Quality Keeps Us Ahead
Gilard Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of electronic and electrical parts
ACMA Gold Award winner for Digitizing Auto Component Manufacturing in India
We are the first company in Punjab and also the first company in manufacturing of auto or electronic parts in India to get the Diamond Rating for ZED ( Zero Defect and Zero Effect)
Gilard is a full service provider with product and process design capabilities
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Combining innovation skills and technical expertise with the established industrial standards to design products aptly matched to customer needs.
Modernized product development process offers flexibility to improve the designs, assure required quality and facilitate further processes.
Stringent parameters and consistency in procedure ensure maximum efficiency when manufacturing products of varied levels of complexity


Gilard Electronics Private Limited, established since 1961 is pioneer in manufacturing of Electronic and Electrical parts for mainly Automotive and Electronic industry.
Our customer base however goes much beyond to Defence, Medical, White line Appliances, Telecom Power, Railway and Aerospace.
Gilard is a full service provider with Product and Process Design capabilities, Development of Processes and Tools and Mass Production.
All in an environment that is certified for:

2015 – Certified for ISO 9001
2016 – Certified for TS 16949
2015 – Certified for ISO 14001
2007 – Certified for OHSAS 18001


Gilard Electronics is a "Strategic Partner" for all its customers. We are not just a conversion unit to convert Sheet metal to sheet metal parts or plastic granules to mouldings; we work with the customer to Design, Develop and Produce parts that involve multiple technologies and are critical in their usage. The customer chooses us when he wants Safety, Reliability, Durability and Performance in his product. Our Strong Knowledge base along with Good Systems and a Highly Engaged Workforce gives the confidence to our Customers to get Strategic parts from us.

Awesome Automotive electromechanical components

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Some of the customers whom Gilard is catering to are:


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